Unified Comparison


Iain Mackay
Global Product Owner
Post-Trade Services
+44 20 7426 4402


Unified Comparison lets you interact with your post-trade system in completely new ways. Its flexible, automated workflow management will liberate break resolution, letting you choose precisely what you want to view and how you want to communicate with your clients. Unified Comparison is the nucleus for post-trade lifecycle management and a gateway into all the other PTS products available within EquiLend. By connecting to Unified Comparison, you will reduce downstream lifecycle noise and be positioned to adhere to future regulatory initiatives.

Fast connections for high performance
Intra-day One File connectivity allows for fast data transfer, ensuring you are instantly connected to all your necessary content
Reduces clutter
Unified Comparison is incredibly content rich, but with its dynamic filtering it allows you to focus on your key risk initiatives effortlessly. It aggregates the data so that you can get a more complete and succinct picture of all your client portfolios

Easy visibility
What is the best way to improve your settlement rates or reduce your P&L issues? Unified Comparison helps you structure your workload. Priority columns direct you to fix your most important breaks first
  • Supports all equity and fixed income products
  • Reconciles global pending trades to recognized industry standards
  • Customizable filters and columns catering for individual preferences
  • Multi-search capability to allow easy access to relevant data
  • Ability to normalize non-vanilla activity