In many ways the automation of the post-trade life cycle has never been better. Contracts are more regularly reconciled. Intraday reconciliation goes beyond anything you may have previously imagined. But something happened as we ventured into this exciting new world—the billing process got left behind.

Our goal with EquiLend Billing was to engineer a complete end-to-end Billing experience utilizing the lightest and most compact process seen to date. That meant reimagining every step of the billing life cycle to make it easier for clients to recoup their revenue within the current billing month. The result is more than just a reconciliation product. It is a unique, flexible, integrated solution that allows clients to communicate efficiently. EquiLend Billing has all you need to create, distribute and reconcile your bills today.

How Billing Works

  • Generate and distribute statements automatically.

    Connect either through a standard billing file or leverage the existing Billing Comparison file. Billing statements are automatically generated and distributed on clients’ behalf to all their counterparts. The counterpart doesn’t even need to be an existing EquiLend client.

  • Reconciliation. Payments. Tracking. You’re covered.

    Detailed, daily reconciliation of security breaks is a cinch. Use the interactive reconciliation functionality to resolve the discrepancies and agree the bill directly from the Billing screen.

  • All your life cycle events. One seamless product.

    EquiLend Billing works seamlessly with Unified Comparison, allowing clients to easily transfer the reconciliation work already completed in Unified Comparison into EquiLend Billing.


  • Ability to create statements in both PDF and Excel with automatic distribution

  • Billing dashboard to monitor progress across all your global counterparts

  • Easy setup for faster implementation of service

  • Statements can be downloaded for reconciliation, printing and storage for audit records

  • Detailed reconciliation screen both at security and daily interaction level

  • Filters and Sorts on the browser help make the reconciliation process more efficient

  • On-screen visualization of outstanding payables and receivables

  • Offers direct access to historical break detail on Unified Comparison

  • Public comments provide the ability to record notes on a break


Swaptimization is a technology solution designed to provide automation to global equity total return swap (TRS) trading workflow. Swaptimization utilizes a proprietary matching algorithm to pair natural positions across market participants to facilitate bilateral security-based TRS in an efficient, centralized and scalable manner.


EquiLend is a global financial technology firm offering trading, post-trade, market data, regulatory and clearing services for the securities finance, collateral and swaps industries. EquiLend has offices in New York, Toronto, London, Dublin, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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