Settlement Instructions Repository


Iain Mackay
Global Product Owner
Post-Trade Services
+44 20 7426 4402


The Settlement Instructions Repository offers an automated service for central storage of all settlement instructions. It is a product agnostic service which can facilitate the sharing of instructions across all markets.The flexible upload functionality and automated email alert notifications allow users to efficiently manage their instructions process. Managerial authorization of instructions and changes ensure that instructions are tracked for data integrity and compliance. Settlement Instructions Repository also integrates into EquiLend's Settlement Comparison service, enriching trade level details to your pending loans and returns.

  • A client uploads settlement instructions into the repository
  • EquiLend generates an email and approved users authorize instructions
  • Upon approval, EquiLend generates an email to notify counterparties of new instructions
  • Counterparties review instructions, update their proprietary system, and amend EquiLend status to “Confirmed”
  • EquiLend generates an email notification to both clients confirming the instructions
  • Instructions are managed in the repository for easy access and research

  • Utilize the repository across all markets and products
  • Centrally manage the settlement instructions process across organization
  • Receive email notifications alerting counterparties of all instruction updates
  • Conveniently store history of all instructions and changes
  • Facilitate callback process electronically
  • Instructions can be incorporated into Settlement
  • Comparison allowing clients to effectively compare contract details