EquiLend’s Solutions for CSDR

For Securities Finance, Collateral and Swaps Market Participants

Throughout the trading lifecycle, EquiLend offers a suite of services to assist clients in their CSDR regulatory obligations. These include: NGT, Unified Comparison, SSI Repository, Returns and Recalls, EquiLend Exposure and EquiLend Spire.

CSDR: The Impact for Securities Finance, Collateral and Swaps Market Participants

EquiLend NGT, our multi-asset class trading platform, presents multiple benefits as a CSDR solution.

Increased Trade-Level Transparency

NGT automates the booking and matching of multiple fields at the point of trade, including the ability to add settlement location and market fields. Trades executed on NGT have a far greater matched rate than those booked manually and also have less risk of manual errors

Unparalleled Liquidity

EquiLend facilitates securities lending for a significant number of top-tier market participants in the securities lending market, offering unique liquidity opportunities. 

Greater Demand

There is expected to be an increased demand for securities borrowing once CSDR is implemented, in addition to increased demand in less liquid instruments, specifically mid-tier and low-tier equity markets and fixed income instruments due to mandatory buy-in.

EquiLend Post-Trade Suite provides full trade management solutions:

  • Unified Comparison

    Unified Comparison’s flexible, automated workflow management allows users to reduce downstream lifecycle noise. Unified Comparison is the nucleus for post-trade lifecycle management and a gateway into all the other PTS products available within EquiLend.

  • Settlement Instructions Repository​

    EquiLend’s Settlement Instructions Repository offers an automated service for central storage of all settlement instructions. The flexible upload functionality and automated email alert notifications allow users to efficiently manage their instructions process. Managerial authorization of instructions and changes ensure that instructions are tracked for data integrity and compliance, increasing settlement efficiency.

  • Returns & Recalls

    The EquiLend Returns & Recalls services provide an efficient, automated way for borrowers and lenders to send return or recall notifications. Using these tools, a counterparty may initiate a return or recall for a specific contract using a unique EquiLend ID, or may issue a more general return or recall for one or more securities. EquiLend provides reporting and tracking capabilities to monitor return or recall status online.

  • EquiLend Exposure

    EquiLend Exposure is uniquely designed to enable collateral teams to effectively manage collateral requirements based on real time information. This platform provides a centralized way to highlight intraday exposure risk, identify discrepancies in collateral requirements between counterparties and facilitate STP connectivity to tri-party agents whilst enhancing control and governance to ensure that collateral transactions are executed exactly how clients would expect.

EquiLend Spire, EquiLend’s books & records/inventory management platform, offers centralized management of a firm’s entire securities finance business.

EquiLend Spire features include comprehensive, industry-specific functionality; cutting-edge technology and automation; and seamless integration with EquiLend and other securities finance industry service providers. Modules include:

  • Securities Finance Core (books and records)

  • Order/Inventory Management

  • Fully Paid Lending

  • Short Sale Approvals

  • Seg Optimization

CSDR: The Impact for Securities Finance, Collateral and Swaps Market Participants

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