Swaptimization is a technology solution designed to provide automation to global equity total return swap (TRS) trading workflow. Swaptimization utilizes a proprietary matching algorithm to pair natural positions across market participants to facilitate bilateral security-based TRS in an efficient, centralized and scalable manner. Building off of EquiLend’s industry-leading and award-winning position in the secured financing and collateral trading technology marketplace, Swaptimization will deliver automation and efficiency to equity TRS trading. By using Swaptimization’s intuitive, Web-based user interface, access to liquidity is a few simple clicks away.

Transforming the total return swap workflow with Swaptimization:

  • Trade execution lifecycle management in single-name equity TRS
  • Reset, maturity and unwind notifications
  • Basket maintenance and advisory of key swap attributes including corporate actions, upcoming resets and maturity dates
  • Hard to borrow indicator for improved optimization
  • Customization of term sheets
  • Data analytics and benchmarking of portfolio activity relative to the broader marketplace
  • Short sale restricted notifications
  • Read-only functionality for trade support and datacapture obligations

Key Attributes of Swaptimizations:


Proven track record in achieving standardization, liquidity, scale and automation in the secured funding market

Global platform with connectivity available in the United States, Europe and Asia

Ease of onboarding for clients with existing connectivity to EquiLend

Offers ability to handle lifecycle management on platform

Funding Functionality in Swaptimizition


Offering users the flexibility to validate funding for notional values, Swaptimization’s Funding feature also ensures compliance with collateral schedules.

Funding benefits for clients: 
  • Import Portfolio Files

    Import portfolio files to allow the platform to optimize client baskets for funding trades 

  • Manage Trades

    Manage trades at basket or securities level with flexibility to scale up or wind back your positions and define maximum and minimum ticket size

  • Negotiate Trade Elements

    Negotiate trade elements such as tenure, execution levels and breakability terms

Easy Onboarding:


ISDA in place between bilateral counterparties

Sign one-page addendum to the EquiLend agreement to memorialize pricing

Supply EquiLend with user IP addresses for whitelisting


EquiLend is a global financial technology firm offering trading, post-trade, market data, regulatory and clearing services for the securities finance, collateral and swaps industries. EquiLend has offices in New York, Toronto, London, Dublin, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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