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Next Generation Trading (NGT)

NGT is a multi-asset class trading platform that increases trade-level transparency, improves workflow automation and generates efficiencies for the securities finance market.

Collateral Trading

EquiLend Collateral Trading is designed for funding or financing desks to effectively trade collateral.


Swaptimization is a technology solution designed to provide automation to global equity total return swap (TRS) trading workflow.

Post-Trade Suite

EquiLend Exposure

Designed not only to help clients maximize their collateral but also streamline and enhance the underlying borrow/loan settlement process

Unified Comparison

Flexible, automated workflow management—the nucleus for post-trade lifecycle management

Returns & Recalls

Allows borrowers to automatically return assets borrowed through EquiLend or using another trading method

Settlement Instructions Repository

Automated service for central storage of all settlement instructions

Dividend Comparison

Easily compare manufactured dividend claims and transmit pre-advice for agreement on payment and reconciliation terms


Allows clients to post electronic bills to all counterparties, whether or not they are an EquiLend client

Mark-To-Market Comparison

Compare marks using customizable tolerances that can be adjusted based on collateral currency and mark amount


CSDR Solution

Throughout the trading lifecycle, EquiLend offers a suite of services to assist clients in their CSDR regulatory obligations

SFTR Solution

EquiLend offers a scalable, cost-effective, light-touch solution—the simplest solution in the market to meet the demands of SFTR


Provides secure and timely transfer of principal loan data as well as a facility for approving underlying principals


ECS Gateway

As a third-party flow provider, EquiLend Clearing Services (ECS) offers connectivity to Eurex Clearing’s Lending CCP

ECS Loan Market

EquiLend Clearing Services operates the ECS Middle Office and the ECS Gateway, which offer services and connectivity to central counterparties (CCPs) around the globe

Books & Records

EquiLend Spire

Flexible, modular, customizable—a bespoke technology solution for all your securities finance business needs

Best Securities Lending Trading Platform Globally 2012 - 2020
Global Investor/ISF Awards 

EquiLend PTS Innovation in Securities Finance 2019
Global Custodian Leaders

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