Next Generation Trading (NGT) is EquiLend's flagship securities finance trading platform. NGT was built in collaboration with our clients to deliver a consolidated, multi-asset class trading platform for the securities finance marketplace. NGT increases trade-level transparency, improves workflow automation and generates greater efficiencies for the market.

  • Consolidates BondLend's trading services into a single venue to facilitate the full trade execution lifecycle
  • Increases automation and executions beyond general collateral (GC) to warm and hot securities
  • Introduces new executable availability concepts
  • Features a real-time order book, needs and inventory broadcasting tool, security upload capabilities and summary-level trade blotter

  • Dynamic screen-based trading with real-time bid/offer tools
  • Refined availability capabilities: Targeted & Allocated Availability
  • Automation of indicative order requests (indications of interest)
  • Centralized engine to process pre-trade communication, leading to more efficient executions
  • Traditional borrower-to-lender and broker-to-broker activity supported
  • Facilitates communication of non-cash collateral with additional flexibility and granularity
  • Streamlines static data setup and ongoing maintenance
  • Increases straight-through processing for trade decisions and bookings, which drives trading automation and scalability
  • Auto-response capabilities to streamline order processing
  • Full support for trade executions regardless of how you connect