“With Equilend’s flexibility and scalability, we will continue to increase usage of the trading and post trade services that we use on the platform which will add to our global distribution capabilities.”

- James Slater, Global Head of Securities Lending, BNY Mellon

“With EquiLend’s technology solutions we [Citi] are further enabled to offer an industry-leading portfolio of products and services to satisfy our clients’ needs.”

- Citi

“EquiLend is a key factor behind the success and operational efficiency of our Securities Lending platform. The volume of business passing through our books requires a high degree of automation and robust processes. EquiLend is critical to this.”

- Deutsche Bank, Global Prime Finance

“Northern Trust is proud to be a founding member of EquiLend, which leverages technology to create efficiency and liquidity in the securities lending market.”

- Northern Trust

“EquiLend plays an integral role in State Street’s Securities Finance business, providing advanced automation that’s essential for enhancing order flow and optimizing performance. The platform delivers robust and extensive post-trade functionality, scalability and improved capabilities for managing risk, allowing us to grow our business while continuing to provide unique and innovative solutions to clients.”

- State Street

“The EquiLend platform is flexible, scalable and automated for our current and future business needs. Also, EquiLend’s securities finance technology provides automated efficiencies which allow us to focus more of our time on increased value added activities for our clients.”

- Uni Credit


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