“We know our clients are busy people, every day they are faced with complex tasks. The last thing they need are complicated, bit-part solutions. We aim to make life easier for our clients, yet at the same time provide cutting-edge technology that keeps them ahead. It’s about raising the bar and always being one step ahead. It’s about making our innovation, your advantage.”

Brian P. Lamb, CEO



BondLend, the securities finance technology platform created specifically to support the fixed income borrowing, lending and repo community, was launched in 2010.

As a division of EquiLend, the BondLend platform benefits from the values inherent in being part of a business that is committed to efficiency, innovation and the highest standards. BondLend provides clients with a single point of access to the global securities financing community for the fixed income and repo markets, giving them greater liquidity, reduced risk and scalability.

BondLend clients include more than 50 major, global players in the fixed income securities finance market.


BondLend’s Trading and Financing Services provide straight through processing automation for borrowing, lending and repo using a common standards-based protocol and infrastructure processing eliminating manual processes, freeing up valuable resources.

The BondLend post-trade suite of services includes Contract Comparison, Mark-to-Market Comparison, Returns, Recalls and ALD. BondLend comparison services add efficiency and reduce the risk of potential collateral management errors. Comparison services are security type agnostic and support global usage for cash and non-cash records.

BondLend’s trading and post-trade services help drive down unit costs and increase efficiency. It allows firms to free up resources to expand their market presence, increase trading volumes, and reduce error rates all without additional cost. This makes the BondLend platform a cost-efficient choice for all institutions, regardless of size.



Directors of EquiLend Holdings LLC

  • Roland Villacorta

  • Fred Nadd-Aubert

    Credit Suisse
  • Shawn Byron

    Goldman Sachs
  • Michael Kelleher

    JP Morgan
  • Ben Challice

    JP Morgan Chase
  • Robert Genkinger

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Anthony Schiavo

    Morgan Stanley (Vice Chair)
  • Jeffrey S. Benner

    Northern Trust
  • James McDonald

    State Street (Chair)
  • Brendan Cusick


Directors of EquiLend Europe Limited

  • James Templeman

  • Karl Bishti

    Credit Suisse
  • Martin Cosgrove

    Goldman Sachs
  • John Shellard

    JP Morgan Chase
  • Jonathan Cossey

    JP Morgan
  • Rajeev Patel

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Matthew Collins

    Morgan Stanley (Vice Chair)
  • Andrew Clayton

    Northern Trust (Chair)
  • Alex Lawton

    State Street
  • James Buckland



The EquiLend platform is designed to process transactions on a global basis; the platform increases efficiency by standardizing, centralizing, and automating front and back office processes.

EquiLend’s trading and post-trade services makes the working day easier and more efficient for traders by offering an automated trading model and centralized access to the trading community. Post-trade tools further improve efficiency and mitigate risk. They integrate into a firm's existing environment and can be fully automated.